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Hi there online store open for busiss :)

cybertown is the most coolist site for 2001 and u can get a house pet job and etc but u can get all for just $60 a year or $5 a month, so if u like chatting and haveing fun this is the place for you/ also u can get a freetril for 30 days 

cupid73s website is a rilly good site it about me that for ppl that don't know very well and to have lots of fun :)

the it a really cool site u can play games theres a online shop where u can real life item from :)

vrdimension is the coolist site for 2005 same here u can get a house but havet to pay Private Home - $1.00/month/Basic Registration - FREE is a great site it a site for all age from 3 years and up :)