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Adrian's Room

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Hello my name's Adrian Marsh i live in Wales Uk. I go to college at LLandrillo it is so much fun :-) i like seeing all my mates and best friends my hobbies are Sport and Computers(i chat on msn) to all my friends from all over the globe i have loads in USA couple in Canada i have a Girl friend in Sunderland(UK)i like to go to tennis lessions on every Thursday we play lots of fun and games it really good fun! it starts from 5pm until 6pm we play, one life with catching, bombs and turpdos, and lots of other great games i love doing graphics have u been yet its a wicked site desinged by me :-D it took me about... ummm let me think oh yes 4/5 years :-) hope u like this one becouse i dont come to bebo very often im always working on my website hehehe oh well im being wanted on see ya folks bye!!!