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hello my names Adrian | My videos :-) | Video page 1 | Login page | my news page | funny picures | About Me | pictues of all my online frends | Related Links | Contact Me

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Hey eveyone plaese could u help me telling me where your all from? thanks just click the button  where it says view my guestmap and place a pin of where u live :-) that would really help me :)

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Hello everybody u might remmber me from/ and etc so this is one the updated one for lolol

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hello everybody how is everyone today ? / stay as long as u want i hope u like it / but if u want to get hold of me just e-mall me at / but if u are a cybertown member just send me a messge and ill do what i can to help u comeing soon is reading news letters and etc so dont be down or sad be happy like this lol :D

^Anyone seen my pants? i've looked everywhere



i update the website when i feel like it  lol!